Practical information

Autogenous vaccines: practical information

How to place an order

Manufacture and renewal of an autogenous vaccine is done on veterinary prescription, on receipt of the original prescription sent by courrier to Ceva Biovac.

The bacterial strains can be sent directly to Ceva Biovac by the diagnostic laboratory, accompanied by the veterinary prescription.

To ensure the best possible transportation, it is requested that pure strains, freshly pricked out after incubation resulting in the growth of colonies, are dispatched to Ceva Biovac using agar tubes and agar in Petri dishes.


Delivery is made to the business address of the veterinarian, the only one qualified to supply the autogenous vaccine.

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Conditions of use

Storage: For 1 year between 2 °C and 8 °C protected from light. The expiry date is given on the label on the bottle.

Posology: The treating veterinarian remains the only one to decide on posology, route of administration, the number of injections and indication for the autogenous vaccine. This information is specified on the prescription that your veterinarian has given you.

Preparation Take out the number of bottles required for vaccination out of the refrigerator sufficiently early to ensure that the product is injected at ambient temperature. Shake the bottle well before use to reconstitute a homogenous suspension.

Injection: Use sterile equipment. Use a needle format appropriate to the route of administration and all animal ages and species (diameter and length). Make sure that the injection is performed aseptically: it is highly advisable to use single-use needles and to change needle between each injection. The route of administration should be respected to reduce the risk of adverse effect and the site of injection should be selected according to the route of administration to ensure effective distribution of the product in the organism and to avoid damaging adjacent tissue. The presentation of the animal for injection should prevent any risk to those involved with administering the injection and should ensure the optimal administration of the product to the animal. Vaccination should be performed in a calm manner to reduce handling of the animal to the absolute minimum and to limit stress. All opened bottles should be used within 12 hours.


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Accidental injection

  • Wash and disinfect the site of the injection with an antiseptic or just use Marseille soap,
  • Apply ice to the wound,
  • Visit the nearest health centre or your doctor immediately, CALL THE ANTI POISON CENTRE (02 41 48 21 21); take the packaging and the product that was accidently injected with you.


Accidental injection of an autogenous vaccine may cause an intense inflammatory reaction. In this case, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • Carefully clean or even treat surgically the injection zone,
  • Ensure that anti-tetanus vaccinations are up to date,
  • It is for the treating physician to decide on the appropriate treatment.
  • Regular or even daily monitoring is recommended.

Course of action to be followed: Download the document

Safety data sheet

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